How do I find and repair air leak in an inflatable boat, kayak or raft?

If you are losing air pressure, (aside from pressure loss commonly caused by colder temperatures), check the boat over for air leaks. Air must to escape somewhere for air chamber to become soft. No magic here. The best tool to find air leaks is soap, shampoo or dish detergent mixed with water in a spray […]

Used inflatable boat buying tips

One of the biggest problems when first looking at second-hand or used inflatable boat or RIB, is how to tell if the craft is really what you need. Some inflatable boats look very spartan and commercially orientated and therefore are unsuitable for family and sports use, however, these craft may be very tough […]

How To Choose The Inflatable Boat for Vacation?

The boat – is a tool for movement through the water. There is a huge variety of boats! But for simple relaxation, for example, on the river or lake it is suitable PVC inflatable boats, which are most relevant during fishing or hunting. It has a weight of 12 to 17 kg. It is very […]

How to repair punctures in PVC inflatable boat, raft or kayak

Video:How to repair punctures in PVC inflatable boat, raft or kayak

Secret That Boat Companies Don’t Want You To Know!

Wondering about the secret that boat companies don’t want you to know? Imagine if you can transform just ONE boat into any boat you want, paddle boat, fishing boat, sailing boat, crusing boat, etc… Does it mean that boat companies will lose money as you will only need to buy ONE boat? Introdicung catamaran paddle […]

Reasons Why You Should Choose Inflatable Boats!

When speak about the advantages of inflatable boats, it just can’t be finished within 10 pages. Believe me, inflatable boats just have their unique advantages over those traditional boats. I have shortened and categorized the advantages of inflatable boats into 8 categories, which are: Advantage No.1: Flexible As known, the very first advantage of inflatable […]