How do I find and repair air leak in an inflatable boat, kayak or raft?

If you are losing air pressure, (aside from pressure loss commonly caused by colder temperatures), check the boat over for air leaks. Air must to escape somewhere for air chamber to become soft. No magic here. The best tool to find air leaks is soap, shampoo or dish detergent mixed with water in a spray […]

Can inflatable boat be fixed if it get a really big cut?

One of our customers cut 4′ opening in a boat tubes when he run over sharp rock. Here is a quote from his email:

“Below is not a very good photo, but it may serve to remind you of the 4 foot gash I had on the port chamber of my 14-foot Saturn. Since this […]

Can I pump up my inflatable boat using electric pump only?

You will need to use a hand pump to provide proper air pressure to the tubes if you are using low pressure electric pump. Inexpensive electric pumps sold for $20-$50 in retail stores will not provide enough air pressure, and your boat will not operate to it’s full performance. You may quickly inflate all air […]

What to do if hand pump does not work?

he Saturn boats, rafts and kayak should be inflated until quite firm. If you find the hand pump provided is not able to achieve enough pressure, inspect the hose and all connections for leaks. Remove the hose and block the air outlet at the T handle with the palm or your hand while pushing down […]

How to repair punctures in PVC inflatable boat, raft or kayak

Video:How to repair punctures in PVC inflatable boat, raft or kayak