Saturn Inflatable Boats – 98% for Customer Satisfaction in 2014!


Last year there were more than 3,500 SATURN boats, kaboats, kayaks and rafts making theirĀ  voyages on rivers, lakes, seas …!
Our customer satisfaction rate is 98% and we continue to be one of the fastest growing inflatable boat suppliers in the Canada.
All of these metrics are important to our company ( and we will continually improve our processes to make sure we sell The Great Value for an inflatable boat on the market.

With such great success and customer satisfaction we only found a few features to improve on from ourĀ  2013 product line. We’ve added a few new products and look to add more throughout the 2015 season. We will continue to review our product line and look for more opportunities to satisfy our customers needs. Whether you’re looking for a whitewater raft, whitewater kayak, whitewater cataraft, inflatable boat, inflatable SUP board or SATURN kaboat you will not find a better value on the market today!

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