Why Anglers are Buying Inflatable Fishing Boats

Let’s start right off by summing up the advantages of inflatable fishing boats: wide-beam stability, buoyant ride, affordable, portable, easy to care for, and lots of space on deck to store gear, rods, tackle, nets, and coolers.

Thanks to their ability to serve as general-purpose craft, inflatables are enticing more and more boaters to make the switch from hard-hulled boats.

Why Anglers Love Inflatables

Actually getting to see an inquisitive bass come up from the deep to strike a top water lure is a sure thrill. You won’t get that close-up experience as a bank fisherman and you sure won’t get it by noisy trolling. An inflatable boat allows you to drift quietly over your prey without water lapping loudly against the sides of a hard hull to spook game fish.

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