Select the length of the boat

The following occurs when selecting a boat issue is the length of the craft. At approximately the same other characteristics, it is better to take a boat greater length. Length increases not only the capacity but also positively affect the characteristics of the plan. So if there is a choice: 118 inch  or 110 inch, without a doubt, select the first option. However, along with the length, as a rule, grows and the price of the boat, so much to accelerate’t work.

Also important is that the ability to gliding and how fast the boat goes in this mode. Depending on the model boats, speed of the output on the airboat will be different with the same parameters of weight and length. To clarify the details you have consultants in the store also is to ask on the forums on the Internet or from friends fishermen. On aerodynamic characteristics especially affects the form of inflatable keel.

Picking the right model, ask the sellers in the store to pump it and to complete Assembly. Check the surface – on the cylinders should not be scuffs and folds, check the quality of pasting. Also you need to carefully examine the transom.

It is to the transom mounted motor, so in a boat it is a very important element. The boat, which transom glued pieces of PVC, is not recommended. A better option, when the transom pasted special rubber pads that directly stick to the cylinders. Such overlays are able to damp the vibration that occurs when the motor, so the transom will last longer. The majority of producers used this system transom mount.

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