My Opinion about Saturn KaBoat – it is a best option from inflatable for Ontario lake.

It seems to me, for Ontario, namely Saturn KaBoat is a best option from inflatable.
Crossover between inflatable kayak and inflatable boats, KaBoats take the best of both worlds to create a versatile

Firstly  one person can really move the boat – 30 kg it is not like 60-70 kg.  It is a big difference!
Secondly, for two fishermen  boat requires only a small motor. 3.5 hp  is sufficient for it, despite the fact that he eats less, and weighs less, and occupies less space.
3.5 hp pushed KaBoat on plane, but at sufficiently large length is not required. On a boat fishing is a real  fun, no need to travel far, and 8-10-12 km / h is enough.

But what about the wide inflatable boats 2.8-3.2 meter purchased for fishing on Simcoe, it seems to me that this is not the best, but simply and self-deception.
Assembly / disassembly of a boat with a total weight under 120 kg, very quickly get bored. And if there is space on board the boat with friends, set stuck in the basement up to the date of sale.

Only worthy inflatable transport in Simcoe seems to me exactly RIB. But it is almost always RIB trailer that negates the advantage of inflatable – compactness.

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