Inflatable boat for fisherman (inflatable or rigid floor for inflatable boat)

About buying a boat fisherman starts to care more winter or early summer. The boat is an important acquisition which should be long.
Obviously, everyone  wants an inflatable boat that would last a long time
And the right inflatable  boat will last a long time.

Today, for the manufacturer of inflatable boats most common materials are PVC and the hypalon.
Boats from hypalon – durable and reliable. The hypalon – type synthetic rubber that has a good waterproofing characteristics. This material is highly resistant to a variety of environmental influences. The inner surface of hypernovae boats lined neoprene, which is separated tissue layer from the main material. Thanks to the strength of the boat increases.

Boats made of PVC

Boats from PVC made from  fabric covered with a PVC . These boats are very light, PVC lends itself vulcanization, which is very good for sealing joints.
If there is a choice to buy a boat made of PVC or metal, most fishermen prefer the first option. At approximately the same  indicators, they are much easier to transport.
PVC is quite strong and can come in different thicknesses , but still does not change the fact that it does not repel from sunlight as great as Hypalon , but can definitely be kept in great shape a just as long lasting if well maintained and looked after. PVC fabric can be longer lasting as long as it�s properly maintained and taken care of such as covered when not being used and no spills or leakage being done around the inflatable.

PVC is a flexible and durable material, almost beyond the effects of wet environments. Such boats are not necessarily carefully dried after each fishing. However, this material is sensitive to sunlight. The longer the boat will be under the influence of sunlight, the more PVC will be destroyed. Of course, this process is quite long, and negative impacts will occur gradually. In recent years, the production of materials have advanced considerably, and we can expect PVC with a 100% resistance to sunlight, it is hard to say. Therefore, when choosing a boat PVC desirable to prefer bright colours, up to almost white. This color is more resistant to ultraviolet light, reflecting the most of it. Camouflage shades of green needed more for hunting, for fishing, they are hardly significant.

Inflatable or rigid floor for inflatable boat?
What should you pay attention, if you offered several models of boats PVC, which are within the acceptable price range and about the same cost?
First, inspect the construction of the floor of the boat. Usually this will be one of two options – inflatable-bed (air-dec) or hard floor. The last option involves the use of plywood, aluminium or plastic. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on which side to consider them.
If  usually You fishing  one and only sometimes with a friend, and your  boat has a low power motor (2-10 PS), it will be more convenient Air deck. This boat is easy to assemble (especially alone), with its weight is significantly lower than that fellow with hard floors. Inflatable Boat compactly Packed in one bag, which facilitates its transportation.

On the water boat with rigid bottom better holds directional stability. Unlike a boat with a soft floor, its less shakes. As for the period of operation, the boat with hard floors above it. If air deck there is always the danger that it can povredit, burn a cigarette. air deck also unsuitable for planing, i.e. slip boats on the water surface. Until this problem is still relevant, although they are developing air deck which would not concede in their characteristics hard floor.
Choosing the hard floor, the question arises – aluminium, plywood or plastic?
The answer to this question is related to your taste than with the practical differences. With proper exploitation and plywood last a long time.
However, this floor needs periodic drying, also it is desirable to touch up from time to time waterproof varnish.
Often fishermen use linoleum, which is being coated with the bottom of the boat. It allows to solve several issues. First, linoleum protects soles. Secondly, it is much easier to rinse after fishing boat, after all the dirt remains on the linoleum, and not on the bottom. In General, the care of the boat PVC assumes that it must often be washed with fresh water with detergent (ordinary household chemistry is fine). Especially thorough washing is necessary before the boat will leave for winter storage. Mucus fish that gets to the bottom and on the boat, while fishing, attracted by the smell of rodents. Mice and rats are very sensitive to smells, these animals can gnaw out in the boat big holes. Often their size is such that the boat was already beyond repair. So thorough rinsing before hibernation is simply necessary. In addition, it is desirable to keep the boat out of the reach of rodents.

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