Why you need a good inflatable boat repair product?

Inflatable boats are manufactured with fabric, covered with a rubber coating. Actually, the coating can be made from other materials, with Hypalon and PVC being the most common, but the principle’s the same. When something’s made out of fabric, it can get worn. When something’s made out of rubber, it can get punctured. And when you look at some the uses of an inflatable pontoon boat – all the places they go where they can get bumped, scraped, hit, poked, etc. – then its no wonder they get damaged.

And to add to the possibility of damage, there’s also the wear and tear factor. Inflatable boats are subject to UV (Ultraviolet) damage from the sun. They’re also subject to deterioration from salt water. They can be damaged by gas, oil and other pollutants in the water. The seams can come apart, leading to leaks. They can get pinholes, leading to more leaks. You get the picture – there are all kinds of possibilities when it comes to rendering your inflatable boat unusable.

So obviously, what the inflatable boat industry needs is a superior product – one that can repair every possible type of damage. And wouldn’t it be the icing on the cake if this product would not only repair it, but restore it to its original sparkling condition? Well, the industry did get halfway there. You can buy products that repair your inflatable boat. But they only do half the job, and they don’t even do that well. But wait, don’t throw out that boat. There is a product that’ll totally repair and totally restore your inflatable boat, leaving it just like new! This product is called SRC (Synthetic Rubber Coating) Tuff Coat, and it was created by Michael Fry, a very successful entrepreneur and boater.



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