Renew, Protect, Restore

If you can paint, you can use Tuff Coat

In order to restore your inflatable boat, you don’t have to know anything about a whole lot of stuff, except how to paint.  Applying Tuff Coat is that simple.

Of course, you have to prepare your surface first, making sure it’s clean. But that’s no big deal.

Using Tuff-Coat, almost anyone can take a worn inflatable boat and make it look like new again.  Read our customer testimonials to learn how others have saved their boats and their money.

Tuff Coat can save you thousands of dollars!

Tuff Coat can restore wear, UV, pinhole leaks – almost any kind of wear and age damage your inflatable boat may have suffered. Renew your old, faded, sticky, deteriorating inflatable boat with this proven synthetic rubber coating. Great for Hypalon and PVC boats of all makes and models.

Tuff-coat – Synthetic Rubber Coating – can renew and protect your inflatable by adding a layer of strong, UV resistant synthetic rubber that bonds directly with your existing surface – PVC or Hypalon.

Tuff-coat has done wonders on Avon, Bombard, Caribe, Quicksilver, Zodiac, and many other inflatables. Add years of pleasure to your investment with Tuff-coat.

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