“PVC Boat is not suitable for repair” – just a Myth!

This myth invented by the users themselves, who constantly tried to compare them with boats from the rubber. Fortunately, this myth is already dispelled. In fact, if you compare boats of PVC for their suitability to repair rubber boats, then Yes, their maintenance more difficult. But that’s where the comparison ends.

Any puncture or cut to less than five centimetres in length by boat from PVC can be repaired even in field conditions. It is sufficient to use a repair kit that should be attached. The set includes pieces of cloth and special glue for PVC.

For the repair, you must carefully read the instructions and strictly follow it. It is forbidden  to put a patch on a wet surface. It is not good to do it at a temperature below 0 C or plugging punched place on not deflated balloon! Someone is probably smiled, but this is real cases, after which users have gained confidence in the unsuitability of boats from PVC to repair and started to propagate this myth among others!
Naturally, a large cut on the boat can be repaired only in a specialized service centre. You must realize that on fishing, hunting, and indeed in the process of operation can happen anything. It happens that the spacecraft suffer crash, as they counted a thousand times. The easiest thing is to avoid unpleasant incidents, but if they did, then try to be maximally podgotovlennye they happened, try to be as prepared as possible!

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