How to remove Patches from an Inflatable boat

Nobody likes to hear the patch on their inflatable boat leaking, especially when they are in it on the water. Repairing and refinishing a boat are the two most common reasons for patch removal. Once the patches have been removed, the surface area can be prepared for new patches or for a new finish. If you keep your boat in good repair, you won’t need to buy a new one for years to come and each recreational outing will be a safe one.


1. Plug in a hair dryer and hold it on the patch to heat the adhesive.How to Remove Patches From an Inflatable Boat thumbnail

2. Scrape the edges of the patch with a putty knife. The putty knife shouldn’t have any sharp edges that could puncture the raft.

3. Keep the heat on the patch while scraping with the putty knife. When an edge of the patch has lifted from the surface, grab the edge with a pair of pliers and remove the patch.


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