How to fix water slowly leaking into an inflatable boat

Most likely places where water can enter inflatable boat are through the one-way drain valve or over the side. Obviously there is nothing you can do about the water over the side except slow down. There are however several reasons why water may get into the boat and fixes are usually quick and easy.

1.   Drain plug is not fully inserted. Please make sure there are no debris on a plug, and press on drain plug to make sure it is all way in.
2.   One-way rubber seal that lock the valve is dirty, or there are debris under the seal. Pull rubber seal with your finger and inspect for debris stack between seal and plastic housing. Wipe rubber seal with an acetone.
3.   Drain plug assembly got loose or not enough sealant under the drain valve. Tighten screws on a drain plug while avoiding cracking plastic part. Apply door/window clear silicone sealant around drain valve assembly. Replacement drain plug assemblies are also available on request.

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