Can inflatable boat be fixed if it get a really big cut?

One of our customers cut 4′ opening in a boat tubes when he run over sharp rock. Here is a quote from his email:

“Below is not a very good photo, but it may serve to remind you of the 4 foot gash I had on the port chamber of my 14-foot Saturn. Since this was taken, I have put on the big motor and been bopping all around the huge bay of Culebra, PR. She runs like new!!! I can hardly believe it.

Most boat people here never thought the gash could be fixed. What you see here is only the top part. As you get further under the chamber, the tear continues for another 2 feet toward the stern. I had a local guy here stitch first from the inside, then from the outside. He began layering the patches, using 5200 Sealant. It still leaked after that, but only thru small pinholes. It was then I I found at Inland Marine an expensive liquid adhesive that gets applied from INSIDE the chamber. Then the boat gets rocked back and forth to spread the glue evenly. I gave it 2 “coatings” on 2 separate days. Then I went all around the perimeter (edges) of the patch again with a fresh application of 5200. And voila, it sealed perfectly, not the slightest leak.

For 5 days now I’ve been using the boat, and there’s no sign of leakage, nor of the patch peeling back. Am I a lucky son of a gun, or what!!! The Saturn has proven to be so resilient. It just wants to please me. I’m very grateful for your extra PVC fabric AND SUPPORT! One day I will visit you in FL to shake your hands. Meantime, the Saturn name has gotten a lot of positive attention here on Culebra! Very best wishes.” Mark

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