Leaks around the D-rings
This can happen during the d ring application process. If you find leaks around the D rings, we will take the tubes back, and inject some vinyl into the troubled area; this should cure the problem. Check close to the D ring itself. If they leak it would be in this area.

Leaks around the end caps
This is rare but is happens when the end cap sealing process passes inspection, and then the tube develops a leak due to working (flexing of the end cap).

A pin hole leak in the fabric.
Thorns, goat heads, pieces of wire, and even thumbtacks can pop small holes in the fabric. When the boat is blown up tight, it may be blowing air out so fast that there are no bubbles. A very soapy bare hand is best for finding this kind of hole, because you can feel it. The symptom of a hole like this is deflation within an 8-hour period of less.

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