What are the necessary steps to correctly assemble inflatable boat?

These are the steps you should follow to correctly inflate the boat:

Steps for assembly inflatable boat with an air floor:

1. Inflate all tubes to approximately 75% full.
2. Insert boat seats in designated spots.
3. Place deflated air floor inside the boat. The grey plywood board should be facing the keel. Make sure that the valve of the keel is accessible through the hole in the air floor. You will need it later to inflate the keel through this hole.
4. Place both ends of plywood boards under the left and right sides of tubes.
5. Stretch the air floor along the boats bottom, so it covers it from nose to transom. The rear end of the air floor should be touching the transom.
6. Inflate the air floor until it’s hard. You will know that the floor is fully inflated when the air pressure starts pushing the air pump handle up.
7. Inflate all tubes 100% until hard to touch.
8. Inflate the keel through the hole in air floor.





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