The Importance of Storage for Inflatable Boats

No matter where you live, there will come a time when you have to store your inflatable boat away. How should you accomplish this? Storage is an important part of inflatable boat maintenance and should not be taken lightly. In order to store you boat, you should find a dry, clean place that does not suffer from seasonal temperature fluctuations – it should maintain a stable temperature and humidity level throughout the year.

Your boat can be stored in one of two ways. You should either deflate it completely and then roll it up tightly, or leave it slightly inflated and stored away. If you intend to store your boat outdoors (which is not advised), then you should invest in a quality cover. It is also essential that you store your boat well away from any rodents, as they will chew on the fabric, creating rips and holes that may or may not be easily repaired.

While it is simple and does not involve tremendous hassle, it is imperative that you engage in proper inflatable boat maintenance and storage.

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