How to Clean Goo on PVC Inflatables

Removing sticky goo old adhesives leave behind keeps PVC inflatable boats looking good and primed for improvements. New glue will not adhere over old glue, so sticky residue must be cleaned before making repairs. Use a cleaning agent made for PVC inflatable boats to make the job easier and to protect the integrity of the fabric. PVC fabric is susceptible to damage from chemicals, abrasives and sunlight.


  • Things You'll Need:
        PVC inflatable boat cleaner
        Plastic scrubber
        Clean cloth
    1.  Use heat to your advantage. Adhesives bond best when air humidity is less than 70 percenta and temperatures are between 64 degrees hrenheit and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Adhesive residue will become more pliable in hot, humid weather.
    2.  Apply cleaner to sticky spots, concentrating on one small area at a time.
    3.  Rub the spot with a plastic scrubber using a circular motion.
    4.  Push the end of the scraper along the boat fabric at a 45 degree angle, creating a wedge between the PVC material and the adhesive residue.
    5.  Use elbow grease. It may take repeated attempts to remove adhesive from PVC fabrics. Reapply cleaner where residue remains, scrub and scrape until the surface is smooth and not sticky.
    6.  Move to the next sticky spot. Apply cleaner, scrub in circular motions and scrape until clean.
    7.  Clean the entire surface using the cleaning agent and a clean cloth after sticky residue is removed for a polished, clean look.
  • Tips & Warnings

If a plastic scrubber and scraping does not remove adhesive, try sandpape

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