How to inflate the boat ?

Remember : inflate the boat only after the assembling has been totally completed! Every inflatable boat always has some inflatable parts like a multi-chamber tube, an inflatable floor (air deck), an inflatable keel and the order to inflate them is very important:
– Boats with wooden floorboards and inflatable keel: TUBE => KEEL
– Boats with an air deck and an inflatable keel: TUBE => AIRDECK => KEEL
The tube always includes some chambers, separated by flexible partitions. The order of tube chambers inflating is quite important. The general rule is: FROM THE REAR TO THE BOW – inflate the rear chambers first, the bow chamber should be last. For example: see the only right way how to inflate the tube with 3 chambers, 4 chambers, 5 chambers:

•   Inflate all the chambers except the front one ONLY UNTIL 90% OF NOMINAL PRESSURE, AND JUST THE LAST ONE – THE FRONT ONE – UNTIL THE NOMINAL PRESSURE!!! As the partitions of the tube are elastic the inflation of last front chamber until the nominal pressure will move all the partitions to the medium lax condition. As a result the last chamber inflating will increase pressures in all the chambers to the nominal level ‘automatically’!
•   Pay special attention to close all the valves with plugs properly and tight without wrap after you inflate the boat : without closed plugs the valves will not keep pressure for a long time !

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