How to Inflate an Inflatable Boat

Inflatable boats are a great piece of recreational equipment or they can save your life. But if you don’t know how to properly inflate one, you’re better off swimming. Here are a few tips on how to inflate an inflatable boat.


  • Decide if it is possible to blow up the inflatable boat by using your mouth or if you should use an air compressor or explosive compression device. This largely has to do with the size of the boat and the material that the boat is made of. If you need to use a device to inflate the boat, have it with you.
  • Open all of the inflatable boat’s valves before you begin inflating it.
  • Fill up each air chamber in the boat. Try to get the air pressure as uniform as you can. Pick a valve, and then work your way around the boat in a clockwise motion as you fill each air chamber.
  • In a counterclockwise direction, check that each air chamber has the same air pressure. Generally, each chamber should be filled to about 2.5 PSI, but no more than that.
  • Inflate the thwarts after you have filled the main air chambers. Continue to inflate until it takes shape.
  • Use oars to row the boat whichever direction you need to go, or just let the inflatable boat float along with the current.

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