How to Choose the Right Inflatable Boat – Important Facts

If you’re a water enthusiast, you’d want to invest in an inflatable boat that fits your lifestyle and your needs. Depending on the type of sport or recreational activity you are engaged in, there’s bound to be a rig for you. If you’re ready to make your purchase, here are some tips in choosing your inflatable boat correctly.

For starters, determine the use for your inflatable. What water courses will you be using it for? There are rigs that are better for fishing in tranquil lakes but may prove to be dangerous if used in rough waters. If you’ll be using it for extreme whitewater rafting, there are boats suited for that purpose as well. You can’t exchange one for another and knowing what your purpose is for your blow up is the first step towards choosing the right boat for you.

Next, find out how many passengers will be using your boat. Will it be for family use or for your individual use only? Most inflatables can host between 4 to 8 people while RIBS can hold as much as 15. Inflatable kayaks are either one, two or three-seater contraptions. Obviously, the bigger your blow up is, the more stable and comfortable it is going to be. This is an important factor to keep in mind when choosing an inflatable boat.

Third, establish how you’ll store and launch your boat. The advantage of rubber ducks is that it gives you a lot of storage options. Inflatable kayaks are easily deflated and can be placed even in your backpack for your hiking expeditions. You might have to opt for a unit that can be fully deflated and folded if your storage and transportation options are limited. If you like to own a RIB, then make sure that you have enough space to store it in.

Fourth, determine if you need an outboard motor for your boat. For more rigorous events, you might need to invest in a 30 hp motor. Otherwise, you can buy rigs with lesser power that costs much less too. If you are only going to use it for a soft leisurely paddle in the local pond, you can even buy one with no motor at all.

Finally, in choosing your inflatable boat, determine your budget. Price is almost always a good indication of the quality of material and workmanship of a particular boat. If you have already determined what your needs are and the purposes by which you will be utilizing your boat, then it’s a good idea to buy the most expensive one in the models available. If you can’t afford it, find the best that your money can afford. However, if still you come up short, don’t sacrifice quality for price. You can either save up for it so you can buy the quality boat or you can opt to find a well-maintained used boat.

Consider these tips before heading out to buy your boat. Go online for reviews and customer feedback. This way, you are more informed before you make your final purchase. There’s no need to rush. After all, you won’t be replacing your inflatable boat with another one for a fairly long time.

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