Choose the right inflatable boat!

Choose the right inflatable boat!
Inflatable boats are widely used for various purposes because of its unique properties.

Such features as light weight, compactness, durability, high security, resilience, ease to Launch, relatively low cost can be applied widely throughout inflatable boats in any waters. Many  professional bodies actively use Inflatables in their professional purposes. Inflatable boats Рthe perfect solution for the rest!

While you can find many new brands of inflatable boats sold at very attractive prices, please keep in mind that not all of them are coming from a reliable supplier as Saturn boats do.
Saturn Inflatable boats are made of the same quality materials as famous expensive brand name inflatable boats. The workmanship is exactly the same or even better quality then most overpriced brand names that you can buy in retail marine stores. The major manufacturer of inflatable boats in Korea.
Strong points of Saturn inflatable boats

1. Clean, hand-made seams.
2. Double layer fabric at the bottom of all tubes .
3. The Extra thick 1100 Dtex fabric with polyester support is a much thicker fabric than some other famous brands use.
4. Flat and rigid air floor. Not bended in front like on most other brands.
5. Safety valve that prevents over-inflation.

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