Why to fold saturn inflatable boat after use

Such a question to Proffi, why to fold  saturn inflatable boat after use. If you can just hang and dry in the garage (after some bleed air), that will not be so?

And that after the water put into the trunk and come home.
Well, at home and you can not add, can hang to dry and at home, if dry.
But this is again necessary to remove the boat from the trunk, expand or inflate and hang it in the garage.
Why then have a boat all day if it minimize, maximize, hanging, shooting, etc. …?
If you do not dry out in the garage, you never know, the garage is not dry. Then the boat will rot over the winter in wet or mildew will eat it.
Wake for fidelity talc. Simply starch.
Therefore, try to dry in the air on a fishing trip and roll. Home already and stored in a condensed form.
I wrote that Cabot does not require any drying or washing. There is some reliable material.

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