What to do if a hand pump arrives damaged?

Saturn inflatable boats and rafts are of excellent quality and workmanship. However, in efforts to pass the savings on to you, we are keeping costs as low as possible. Instead of enclosing a high quality and expensive hand pump, and then passing the cost to you, we are enclosing good quality generic hand pumps. The hand pump enclosed with the boat is free and is a complimentary gift to you.

In rare occasions, if FedEx drops the shipping box during handling, the hose of the pump may get squeezed by the weight of the boat and develop small cracks. The simplest and fastest solution for cracks in a hose would be to apply duct tape around the hose. This will make the hand pump fully operational again. However, if you wish to receive a new pump, please send damaged pump back for replacement. Click here for return address.

If the hose is fine and the pump doesn’t provide enough pressure to inflate the boat, then unscrew the green cup with a T-handle and inspect the rubber seal on the plunger. If it’s torn, let us know and we will send you a replacement seal.

Please note that high-performance foot and hand pumps are available from the  following retailers that are not associated with BoatsToGo, Inc:






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