What documents are needed to register my inflatable boat?

You will need a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) and Bill Of Sale. The MSO and Bill of Sale are enclosed in a pouch attached to the shipping box along with a Warranty Registration card. If any of these documents are missing from the pouch, please visit the Downloads page for replacements. Please fill out all necessary information: purchase price, your name, address and date of purchase. Don’t forget to enter the correct HIN number.┬áDon’t bring blank forms to the Tag agency. Fill them out first.

In very rare cases, some states may ask you to provide the MSO with a signed and notarized First Assignment. In general this absolutely unnecessary. The First Assignment is for you to fill out when you are going to re-sell the boat. BoatsToGo, Inc represents manufacturers in the US and a signed first page should be more then enough to register your boat. There are no manufacturers in the US who provide a notarized copy of the MSO. However some offices are just giving a hard time to customers. If it is absolutely necessary, we can provide a notarized copy of the MSO for a fee of $5. This is what the notary public charges us for the seal. Please visit http://www.BoatsToGo.com/payment.asp to send $5 payment if you need notarization.





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