The SD330 Saturn inflatable is the most popular boat for family

Me, my wife and our kids – an average family. Often we spend time together. We spend a lot of time at various sports – hiking, biking, or playing sports. We are enjoying nature together. Our favorite time when we spend the day out on the water in our Saturn inflatable boat 11′ SD330.
The SD330 is the most popular inflatable boat for family in Saturn line. And now after using it for a long time, my family knows exactly why:

1. It is extremely durable. Obviously, I wanted an inflatable boat that would last a long time and would also be a safe vessel for my family to spend time on. Well, the SD330 is all that and more. Made of heavy-duty 1100 denier Korean VC fabric with polyester support, this inflatable boat is very resistant to breaking, tearing, and popping. To this day, we have still not had any issue with durability on our SD330.

2.  The Saturn SD330 has been specifically designed to be sturdy and strong out on the water. Once the high-pressure drop stich air deck floor is inflated, there is no difference from standing on your inflatable boat to standing on a plywood floor. But performance-wise, you still have the added advantage of maneuvering a light boat, which is something my son Michael always raves about.

3. It is convenient to move and store. Just like with most of the other Saturn inflatable boats carried by BoatsToGo, the SD330 is incredibly convenient when it comes to storing and travel. I can easily inflate it with the complimentary hand pump it comes with. Then, once we are done using it for the day, deflating it is a snap. After that, I just toss it in my trunk and we are on our way home. It can even be packed in a standard piece of luggage for a family vacation!

4. It is  affordable.  We do fine at work. However, we   really couldn’t afford a hard-hull boat with its up-front costs, storage costs, and repair and maintenance costs. For us, inflatable boats were just right.  And 11’ SD330 Saturn Inflatable Boat was truly affordable to us. It also doesn’t require things like storage ,  we can just deflate it and store it in  our garage.

5. It’s the good size for our  family of 4. Saturn has a lot of inflatable boats. And when I made researching which one to buy for my family , I went through all of them on and decided on the SD330. It was a right choice and I have never regretted it. This inflatable boat has a maximum seating capacity of 5 people, which makes fitting 4 people on it for a day out on the water very comfortable.



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