My opinion about inflatable boat Sturn KaBoat SK470

KaBoat – this is newest invention. It took the best of both types of boats – canoes and inflatable dinghy to get a universal crossover boat, which easily pass narrow areas, reeds and is not afraid of blows rocky bottom. The shape of KaBoat, reminds Asian dragon boat, its narrow profile helps it glide over the surface of the water, thereby achieving a higher speed than the traditional type of boat, even at lower power outboard.

My oppinion about KaBoat SK470 – this is just a great boat!
And you can use it like inflatable kayak or it can be turned into a fast cruising boats just by attaching a small gas or electric motor. Despite the large size and weight of the boat allows you to move a boat alone on the land. This model is suitable for alloys, and travel through the narrow rivers where the use of the outboard motor is not a priority. Have fun!

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