Best kayak ever

Hello Saturn Boats,

I had purchased an SK487XL last year in 2014. Our camping crew decided we’d go for one last trip in November before the Canadian winter set in. We went to Lac Poisson Blanc in Quebec. This was the first time I had a chance to really test the Kaboat. We loved it […]

Saturn Inflatable Ocean Kayak (OK 420) taking on big waves!

I love the ocean, kayaking, and to have fun. And now, because I bought the brand new 14′ Saturn Ocean Kayak (OK420) , I can combine ocean + kayaking + fun into one great day out on the water!

My new Ocean Kayak OK420 has brought my kayaking hobby from lakes to the ocean […]

Las Vegas Kayak Adventure with Saturn Inflatable Kayak

Anyone visiting Las Vegas, who loves kayaking, should consider doing so at the Black Canyon, which just southeast of Las Vegas, near the Hoover Dam. This is a 30 mile stretch of Colorado River, and all it takes is a good inflatable kayak and Government issued permit, which is much easier to obtain than it […]