Saturn Inflatable Boats – 98% for Customer Satisfaction in 2014!

Last year there were more than 3,500 SATURN boats, kaboats, kayaks and rafts making their voyages on rivers, lakes, seas …! Our customer satisfaction rate is 98% and we continue to be one of the fastest growing inflatable boat suppliers in the Canada. All of these metrics are important to our company ( and […]

Having good time with my Saturn Inflatable Boat

I live a busy life. I go to work from 8 am to 7 pm every weekday, then come home and spend time with my wife and kids until my gas tank runs dry and I have to go to sleep. On Saturdays, I love to take the family out for day trips, to ballgames, […]

About Hurricane Preparedness and Inflatable Boats

The hurricane season of 2013 is almost over, but as we can see on example of recent devastating typhoon in Philippines, it’s never too early to prepare yourself before next storm hits. Almost every hurricane brings flooding. We’ve seen this during hurricane Sandy, last year, and this year in Colorado, or even more […]

An Awesome Day with my Inflatable KaBoat.

When I first saw this crossover between an inflatable kayak and an inflatable boat, my mind went racing. Like when you see something that is so cool, you can’t believe it. It’s called the KaBoat, and being an avid fisherman, athlete and all around outdoorsman, my mind raced with all the possibilities. You normally think […]

Inflatable Crossover KaBoat provides fast and affordable emergency transportation in Haiti

The versatile Saturn inflatable Kaboats were recently chosen to make quick emergency transportation for medical care patients in Haiti. The inflatable KaBoat is a crossover between an inflatable kayak and a motorboat that can carry a payload while making great transport speed. Prior to acquiring the Kaboat, this central Haitian community utilized dugout canoes for […]

Saturn Boats and Torgeedo Motors have Good Showing in Electric Race

Saturn Inflatable Boats are all about big fun, but last week our friend Captain Todd from Epower Marine showed us how to do it with a small footprint. Every year Todd and his electrically like-minded buddies get together in Maryland for a race around Wye Island. This year the Captain took home the bronze in […]

Saturn Inflatable Boats: the Swiss Army Knives of watercraft

This past week in October we have spent a lot of time on the water at Saturn. In Florida we have A LOT of water. Between the ocean, canals, the intracoastal, and lakes, we could pick a new body of water every day of the week and not dock our inflatable boat at the same […]

Fitting a small engine on an Inflatable Boat for a powerful ride

You should limit journeys in small to smaller distances in the calmer waters of the harbours and in winds of under force 4. If not, you will have difficulty in controlling both the boat and navigating the direction in which you are going. A solution is to fit a bracket over the tube or transom […]

Saturn EXPO

Saturn EXPO in Orlando proves great place for Saturn to measure up vs other inflatable paddle boards The Saturn team headed to Orlando this weekend for the semiannual Surf Expo. Paddle board companies were all over the place, and a temporary pool was even set up to demo boards. Over half of the companies who […]

Haulover Sandbar Place to Enjoy Inflatable Boats

Labor Day weekend has always been a great time to get on the water, so that’s what we did. Lots of people gather at the shallow sandbar near Haulover Inlet on the intracoastal, so we loaded up the Saturn 16-foot inflatable boat, packed an inflatable SUP and headed to the party. It’s a pretty fun […]