Thanks for my new inflatable KaBoat from Saturninflatableboats!

I have been an avid boater and fisherman throughout most of my life. Now I am 67 years old, but with age has come an aversion to some of the inconveniences that owning a hard hull boat comes with. The hooking up of a trailer to my car in order to get my boat to […]

Fishing Buddies like Comfort when they out on the Water

I remember well the time my buddy Nick and I went fishing. We were 12 years old. Our dad’s were close friends and always fished together on the weekends. Finally, they let us tag along. We went out to the local lake, and we both fell in love with the combination of relaxation and excitement […]

Great Ideas About Kids and Fishing

Involve your kids from the beginning

Kids enjoy feeling included, and what better way to instill some responsibility in your children. Depending on their age, give them small things for which they are responsible, such as ensuring thateveryone has a personal floatation device, or teaching them to coil aline.

Keep them busy

Kids like to […]

Fishing from a Saturn inflatable boat to save time & money

With only so many hours in the day and dollars in our wallets, we at Saturn Boats are always looking to waste as little as possible. Our line of inflatable watercraft really allow for the most efficient boating and fishing experience you can find, utilizing the minimum dollar and allowing for maximum time on the […]

When to Fish

Experienced anglers will tell you that there ARE best times to fish. These best times can be related to the amount of sunlight, to warming trends, to depth at which fish are found, to storm and weather patterns, to wind, and to tidal flows when saltwater fishing. Thus, WHEN to fish can also affect and […]

Salt Water Flats

Here, the inflatable boat you use it depends on how far you wish to travel from the point of put-in to the point of fishing. If you are going relatively short distances, you do not need a large inflatable sportboat with a large engine. This can make many things far easier. You do not need […]

How to deal with an on-water puncture

First of all – do not panic.

As inflatable boats have several air chambers, (main tubes have up to 6 chambers plus the keel plus the air deck) if one of the chambers does happen to get punctured, the boat will stay afloat. This is due to the buoyancy of the remaining air […]

Why Saturn Inflatable Kayaks?

Why Saturn Inflatable Kayaks? 2-person rotomolded plastic inflatable kayaks are huge, bulky and heavy. You would think twice about loading it on top of your car or taking it for a long trip. Most Saturn inflatable kayaks can easily take up to 2 person and weight almost half of weight of regular rotomolded kayak.

We […]

Why Anglers are Buying Inflatable Fishing Boats

Let’s start right off by summing up the advantages of inflatable fishing boats: wide-beam stability, buoyant ride, affordable, portable, easy to care for, and lots of space on deck to store gear, rods, tackle, nets, and coolers.

Thanks to their ability to serve as general-purpose craft, inflatables are enticing more and more boaters to make […]

How to minimize pressure on seat bench by heavy person?

Put a regular cooler between the seat and air or plywood floor to create extra support for the plywood seat. The cooler has to fit under the seat. There are IGLOO or Coleman coolers available in department stores that are just the right size.

Coolers can also serve as dry storage containers. When a boat […]