Inflatable boat for fishing

Often for fishing we need tools such as a boat. The boat allows you to reach inaccessible places of fishing, to find a place to fish in the pond, catching on large lakes of water away from the shore, to catch trolling or track. Depending on the purpose you should choose the craft. How to […]

Good s Inflatable Fishing Kayak – SATURN FK39.

Yes, I wasn’t a fan of kayak for fishing. I always thought that using a kayak for fishing would require an additional skills. And also I thought that kayak it’d be a tippy platform, and that overall it’d be a pain in the neck. During those days I did not have thought to buy kayak […]

My Opinion about Saturn KaBoat – it is a best option from inflatable for Ontario lake.

It seems to me, for Ontario, namely Saturn KaBoat is a best option from inflatable. Crossover between inflatable kayak and inflatable boats, KaBoats take the best of both worlds to create a versatile

Firstly one person can really move the boat – 30 kg it is not like 60-70 kg. It is a big difference! […]

For Fishermen who choose PVC inflatable boats, I would advise to pay attention to the company Saturn.

For Fishermen who choose PVC inflatable boats, I would advise to pay attention to the company Saturn. Distributor in Canada The entire range of boats is best represented here There are plenty to choose from almost any taste at very reasonable prices and good quality (in my experience). One defining feature of these […]

Operation of PVC Boat

Pump up the boat up to the prescribed by the instructions with Electric Pumps. If you decide to hang a more powerful motor, exceeding prescribed by the instructions, and your boat not pumped up not enough it will lead to the fact that while driving on a water smooth surface will appear excessive vibration and […]

Select the length of the boat

The following occurs when selecting a boat issue is the length of the craft. At approximately the same other characteristics, it is better to take a boat greater length. Length increases not only the capacity but also positively affect the characteristics of the plan. So if there is a choice: 118 inch or 110 inch, […]

Inflatable boat for fisherman (inflatable or rigid floor for inflatable boat)

About buying a boat fisherman starts to care more winter or early summer. The boat is an important acquisition which should be long. Obviously, everyone wants an inflatable boat that would last a long time And the right inflatable boat will last a long time.

Today, for the manufacturer of inflatable boats most common materials […]

Rising long shaft outboard motor for Saturn Inflatable Boats designed for short shaft engines.

For the past few months I have been searching for a new toy for coming spring. I had a several ideas in mind but hadn’t given too much thought to inflatables until I came across Saturn’s 15 foot model – the SD470 inflatable boat. Its not often stumbles upon a boat with a low transom […]

I am in love with my SATURN SD365 inflatable!

About two years ago I purchased my first inflatable boat, and I thought I would share my thoughts on it. The benefits of inflatable boats made sense to me, so I researched until I found the perfect! After searching for roughly 6 months or so I finally decided to go with the Saturn SD365. I […]

Inflatable Boats for Fishing

I developed a passion for saltwater fishing after moving to New England and taking up the sport as a hobby. While my wife continues to view it as a hobby, the pursuit might qualify as an obsession due to the amount of time I spend thinking about fishing, researching, planning trips or actually fishing. Hey, […]