“PVC Boat is not suitable for repair” – just a Myth!

This myth invented by the users themselves, who constantly tried to compare them with boats from the rubber. Fortunately, this myth is already dispelled. In fact, if you compare boats of PVC for their suitability to repair rubber boats, then Yes, their maintenance more difficult. But that’s where the comparison ends.

Any puncture or cut […]

What can SRC Tuff Coat do for your inflatable boat?

SRC Tuff Coat is a revolutionary product.

Its uniqueness comes from its ability to completely repair any kind of damage to any kind of inflatable boat. Even the new RIBs, with their fiberglass hulls, can be repaired with Tuff Coat. (And by the way, have you seen some of those new RIBs – check them […]

Why you need a good inflatable boat repair product?

Inflatable boats are manufactured with fabric, covered with a rubber coating. Actually, the coating can be made from other materials, with Hypalon and PVC being the most common, but the principle’s the same. When something’s made out of fabric, it can get worn. When something’s made out of rubber, it can get punctured. And when […]

How to Repair and Restore your Saturn Inflatable Boat – How Tuff Coat Works

How Tuff Coat Works

Do you have an inflatable boat? Or did you have one? Or is the one you had stuck away in a corner of the garage or basement because it needs repair? But no matter what the damage, whether it’s worn fabric, or UV damage, or pinhole leaks; and no matter what […]

How to avoid slipping in the boat seat while the boat is in motion

You can apply a non-slip tape that you could pick up at any Clark Rubber store. It is very durable and is water resistant as well. It is also available in most hardware stores. It can also double as a padding to make the journey softer.

How to fix water slowly leaking into an inflatable boat

Most likely places where water can enter inflatable boat are through the one-way drain valve or over the side. Obviously there is nothing you can do about the water over the side except slow down. There are however several reasons why water may get into the boat and fixes are usually quick and easy.

1. […]

How to remove Patches from an Inflatable boat

Nobody likes to hear the patch on their inflatable boat leaking, especially when they are in it on the water. Repairing and refinishing a boat are the two most common reasons for patch removal. Once the patches have been removed, the surface area can be prepared for new patches or for a new finish. If […]

The keel tube under the floor is skewed to one side. How do I correct that?

Please follow these steps to correct positioning of the keel. 1. Deflate boat tubes. 2. Deflate and remove air floor. 3. Inflate keel and then deflate it while spreading it out evenly on both sides. 4. Insert air floor back and inflate boat tubes 100%. 5. Inflate air floor, then inflate keel.



How to Repair an Inflatable Dinghy


All inflatable boats and dinghies are subject to leaks, whether caused by an increase in interior pressure or from rubbing against abrasive surfaces such as barnacles, oysters, rocks or coral. Fortunately, small leak repair is made easier with the use of an inflatable raft liquid sealant. This product easily seals hidden leaks, pinholes […]

Restoration Options

Inflatable boat repair and restoration is something that many people will find they need to engage in at some point during their ownership. Restoration is one of those processes that many owners do not feel qualified to undertake. However, it can be done simply, when you have the right products on hand.

For instance, you […]