How to stop air compartments becoming soft over time

All our inflatable boats are tested at our factory. They are kept fully inflated for 48 hours after the logos are applied to the product tubes. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that brand new inflatable products are leaking air right out of the box. If air is escaping rapidly from a valve when you inflate […]


Leaks around the D-rings This can happen during the d ring application process. If you find leaks around the D rings, we will take the tubes back, and inject some vinyl into the troubled area; this should cure the problem. Check close to the D ring itself. If they leak it would be in this […]

How can I prevent the outboard motor from damaging the transom while transporting my boat on a trailer?

While transporting inflatable boats on a trailer with the outboard motor in a raised position, heavy outboard engines may provide extra strain on a boat’s transom. When a moving trailer hits a bump or uneven pavement, heavy motors are capable of damaging the transom. You can install a pole support from the end of the […]

How to protect air floors from accidental punctures or sharp dog claws?

An air floor PVC material has been designed to be strong and puncture-resistant. But if enough pressure is applied with a sharp object, like a knife or fishing hook for example, then a puncture may sometime occur. Dog claws, in general, are not sharp enough to puncture an air floor. But small pieces of sharp […]