Maintaining Valves and Bailers

An important part of inflatable boat maintenance is to ensure that all air valves remain in proper working condition. You should check each valve periodically, as well as when you are putting the boat away for the season.

Check the valve for proper operation, make sure that the gaskets are clean and that there is […]

The Right Cleanser

The Right Cleanser – First, make sure that you have the right cleanser on hand. If you do not, or are unsure, you can contact your dealer for a list of approved products. You’ll also find that your dealer carries high-quality cleaning products, as well.

Step One – Open the self-bailer on your boat. Step […]

Proper Cleaning Is Essential

Inflatable boat repair includes proper cleaning throughout the year. You should certainly clean your boat prior to storing it away during the offseason, but it is important that you clean it at least once per month when being used actively. While the plastomer PVC or Hypalon rubber construction of your watercraft helps to ensure that […]

Suggesting Tips for Inflatable Boats Maintenance

Inflatable kayaks, inflatable boats, inflatable fishing boat, inflatable pontoon boats, do you own just one of them? Now these types of inflatable boats have been popular in our life as one healthy and exciting water fun tool for us. But when you really enjoy this great fun, you don’t forget to keep a good maintenance […]

Inflatable boat cleaning?

Q. What is the best cleaner to use on an inflatable boat. I have just purchase an old boat and it needs a good clean. also what do you use for restoring the rubber shine back?

A 1. Depending on how dirty or weathered the inflatable is, you have several choices. First is to use […]

How to clean your inflatable boat

The fact is that getting a good Inflatable boat does not come cheap. A good boat can cost you from $300.00 to up to $2000.00. This great price makes having an inflatable boat a big investment. As such, you don’t want it to simply rot away and get wrecked due to poor care and maintenance.