Main Rules to a successful Inflatable Kayak Purchase

Try out as many inflatable kayaks as possible.

You want to make sure the boat you buy is a proper fit. Not everybody will be comfortable in just any old kayak. Many shops have demo days and this is a great way to test drive different models from different manufacturers. If there is not a […]

A Saturn Inflatable Kayak Can Carry You Safely On Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, and Oceans

An inflatable kayak is another style of high performance inflatable boat that can easily be confused with inflatable canoes.

The high quality brands are rugged, sea worthy craft capable of exploring rugged coastlines, quiet lakes, raging rivers and shallow water too.

No other boat can match an inflatable kayak for convenience.

Carrying one of these […]

What Exactly are People Looking for in an Inflatable Kayak?

The two very popular brands seem to be Saturn, 13′ Saturn Expedition Kayak and 13′ Saturn Fishing Kayak.

Saturn Expedition Series kayaks come with 2 removable thwarts that can be installed almost anywhere in the kayak and can be used as a back support, or you can sit on top of a thwart. The RK […]

Yakking about some kayaks – shopping tips for newbies

If you’d like to buy a kayak to poke around on local rivers and lakes but are baffled by the array of cute little boats in the stores, turn to the area’s experienced paddlers. I put the word out on the South Bend Paddlers’ email list-serve, and several people replied with good, thoughtful tips for […]

13’ Saturn Expedition Kayak: The Perfect Boat for You

Whether you dream of spending relaxing days out fishing on the water, or taking a week’s vacation to explore small canals and streams deep in the wilderness, the most important decision you will need to make is selection of the perfect watercraft for your trip. That’s where the 13’ Saturn Expedition Kayak comes into play. […]

How to Choose a Right Inflatable Kayak. Five Questions to Ask

Choosing the right inflatable kayak that will best suit your needs will require you to ask yourself a few questions. There are several different types of kayaks to choose from. The questions you will need to ask yourself when buying an inflatable kayak are not that different from when buying a hard-shell kayak.

1. What […]