I want an inflatable boat

I have a question – I want an inflatable boat. Double. Which is better – rubber or PVC? Who has the experience of owning a boat – Prompt model.

The big water (big river for example) – only PVC – only multi-layer PVC – the choice is huge! Nothing about rubber do not want […]

If you are new to Inflatables

What to do if boat gets accidentally punctured while on the water?

First of all – do not panic. Inflatable boats have several air chambers, and if one of chambers gets punctured, the boat will stay afloat due to the buoyancy of the remaining air chambers. We suggest that you always carry on board the […]

Good boating apparel is important.

Inflatable boats are well known to be “wet” boats. So good boating apparel is important. A “wet” boat is one in which the operator gets wet! The smaller the boat and the bigger the waves the more likely you will get wet.

We live in the cool northern country of Canada, and the temperature on […]

Why to fold saturn inflatable boat after use

Such a question to Proffi, why to fold saturn inflatable boat after use. If you can just hang and dry in the garage (after some bleed air), that will not be so?

And that after the water put into the trunk and come home. Well, at home and you can not add, can hang to […]

If you find you are having trouble getting you boat up on the plane

If you find you are having trouble getting you boat up on the plane there is several things you can do. Firstly make sure all the weight is moved to the front of the boat as this will stop the boat lifting at the bow (try fuel tank and then move yourself as far […]

One more good tip

One more good tip with inflatable sd365 boats is to keep the floor separate when rolling up, and that way you can pretty much carry is by yourself. As the motor is concerned for most inflatables, seems everyone prefers the older ones, but I would like to see how a new 2.5 light motor does […]

What accessories come standard with Saturn inflatable boats?

All boats except the SD430 come with 1 seat bench. All boats come with a hand pump, repair kit, carry bag, aluminum oars, 4′ rope and either an air or plywood floor.

Optional accessories:

Boat cover

Shelter your inflatable Dinghy or KaBoat from rain, sun and dirt. Our PVC heavy-duty boat covers offer excellent durability, […]

How can you avoid slipping in the boat seat while the boat is in motion?

You can apply a non-slip stair tread tape which is manufactured by 3M. It is very durable and is water resistant as well. It is available in most hardware stores. It is made to be used on stairs but also works well on boat seats to keep you from slipping into turns when a boat […]

What to do if hand pump does not work?

The Saturn boats, rafts and kayak should be inflated until quite firm. If you find the hand pump provided is not able to achieve enough pressure, inspect the hose and all connections for leaks. Remove the hose and block the air outlet at the T handle with the palm or your hand while pushing down […]

What to do if a hand pump arrives damaged?

Saturn inflatable boats and rafts are of excellent quality and workmanship. However, in efforts to pass the savings on to you, we are keeping costs as low as possible. Instead of enclosing a high quality and expensive hand pump, and then passing the cost to you, we are enclosing good quality generic hand pumps. The […]