Saturn Inflatable Boats – 98% for Customer Satisfaction in 2014!

Last year there were more than 3,500 SATURN boats, kaboats, kayaks and rafts making their voyages on rivers, lakes, seas …! Our customer satisfaction rate is 98% and we continue to be one of the fastest growing inflatable boat suppliers in the Canada. All of these metrics are important to our company ( and […]

Review on Saturn Inflatable Boat MC365

I have a Saturn MC365 last year. And I can say it’s very good inflatable! You can compare to the other brands (Newport, zodiac, sea eagle) and find out that none of those offered the value that Saturn did The MC365 has an enormous amount of floor space and the pontoons running along the side […]

My opinion about inflatable boat Sturn KaBoat SK470

KaBoat – this is newest invention. It took the best of both types of boats – canoes and inflatable dinghy to get a universal crossover boat, which easily pass narrow areas, reeds and is not afraid of blows rocky bottom. The shape of KaBoat, reminds Asian dragon boat, its narrow profile helps it glide over […]

About FK396 Saturn Fishing kayak

I wanted to write a quick review and describe my experience with the FK396 fishing inflatable kayak that I purchased from I am an experienced fisherman and have been using an inflatable kayak for five years. I like to fish in everything from small rivers and ponds to large lakes. And that why I […]

Saturn Inflatable Boats Canada 11′ SD330

This summer, I decided and bought an SD330 inflatable boat I never had inflatable boat and therefore listened to the advices of my friends and experts. On their recommendation, I bought a 11′ Saturn SD330 boat. And I spent time testing my dinghy.

11′ Saturn SD330 boat is wide and long boat and has enought […]

The SD330 Saturn inflatable is the most popular boat for family

Me, my wife and our kids – an average family. Often we spend time together. We spend a lot of time at various sports – hiking, biking, or playing sports. We are enjoying nature together. Our favorite time when we spend the day out on the water in our Saturn inflatable boat 11′ SD330. The […]

Just received SD365 SATURN inflatable boat today!

Just received SD365 SATURN inflatable boat today. I really expected this inflatable boat would be well made and pretty, but I want to tell that it is even better than I expected! My inflatable boat I am going to use for fishing. A good job of workmanship. All seams are neatly glued. Great inflatable boat, […]

Great Saturn inflatable boat, that I bought from SaturnInflatableBoats :)

Thanks, I already bought the inflatable boat from you guys and I realy like it! If You have lack of the funds or storage space for a full size boat, than you should consider a Saturn inflatable boat. That was exactly about me, so I bought SD330 from saturninflatableboats and …. Yes! I like it […]

Customers Reviews of Saturn Inflatable Boats

I am from Quebec and I bought SD430 with Mercury 25hp 4 stroke. And first I tested it – the result is WOW! The inflatable boat is quiet the performance is outstanding and it let me drive very easy. I am fully satisfied Vic.

I have received my new SD365 inflatable boat for my birthday! […]