Great inflatable fishing kayak RK396

The Kayak13′ RK396 is simple and elegant Fishing Kayak. This kayak slides through waters easily, controlled by the passengers cruising through rough or calm waters. This kayak was designed for high quality material, and the drop-stitch high-pressure airdeck floor is the most rigid inflatable floor on the market. The kayayk can support up to 3 […]

No other boat can match an inflatable kayak for convenience.

The high quality brands are rugged, sea worthy craft capable of exploring rugged coastlines, quiet lakes, raging rivers and shallow water too. No other boat can match an inflatable kayak for convenience.

Carrying one of these boats is easy. Setting one up is easy. Packing one up is easy. Carrying one on your yacht is […]

I love kayaking, and I love to have fun!

Do You Love The Ocean? Ocean is all my life! And I love kayaking, and I love to have fun! And now I can combine them all into one great day out on the water. That’s because I bought the Saturn OK420 new type of commercial grade inflatable kayak that can be used almost anywhere […]

Saturn Inflatable Kayak Versatile and Safe Water Transport System

Saturn Inflatable kayak is considered the safest watercrafts both in terms of construction and performance. It is light in weight and comes in different sizes, brands and colors to suit every choice.

Different uses: Saturn Inflatable kayak is an ideal choice for fishing purposes. Kayaks basically 12 feet in length facilitate anglers to seat in […]

13’ Saturn Expedition Kayak: The Perfect Boat for You

Whether you dream of spending relaxing days out fishing on the water, or taking a week’s vacation to explore small canals and streams deep in the wilderness, the most important decision you will need to make is selection of the perfect watercraft for your trip. That’s where the 13’ Saturn Expedition Kayak comes into play. […]

Saturn Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

Saturn inflatable kayaks can make excellent fishing boats. They are very comfortable and sometimes you can even have the option of mounting a small motor. The great thing about owning an inflatable fishing kayak is the ability to take it with you anywhere… on road trips, camping trips and traveling by airplane or by vehicle […]

Why Kayaking?

Kayaking As an Eco Friendly Choice

Besides being a lot of fun and a good workout, kayaking is also an environmentally safe way to not only enjoy the water but also to travel on the water.

With increased development, population and motorized vehicles on the water, many lakes and rivers have become very polluted. A […]

The Techniques of Paddling and Paddling Tips

Different paddlers use different techniques. There are a few basic strokes that are good to learn but over time many paddlers will develop their own technique that works for them.

Your individual technique will also depend upon certain physical features. Taller people are naturally further above the surface of the water and can tend to […]

Getting Into The Saturn Kayak And Out Again

The ease of getting in and out of your kayak will depend on a couple of things: How stable your kayak is If you will be entering and exiting the kayak from the beach or from a dock Getting in from the beach is usually no big deal. Place your paddle in the kayak. Then […]

The Different Types of Kayaks

All kayaks are definitely not the same. Beginner’s do not generally jump in at the deep end and expect to compete so, for the purposes of this article we will focus on recreational kayaks.

Recreational paddling usually takes place on calm waters like flat rivers and lakes. At the beginner level you will not […]