Getting Into The Saturn Kayak And Out Again

The ease of getting in and out of your kayak will depend on a couple of things:
How stable your kayak is
If you will be entering and exiting the kayak from the beach or from a dock
Getting in from the beach is usually no big deal. Place your paddle in the kayak. Then place one foot in the cockpit while holding on to the sides of the kayak.
Then crouch low and swing your other leg in and sit quickly. Unless you have someone else there to push you off, you will probably have to step in the water a bit to get the kayak off the rocks and into deeper water.
If you are out solo, you can push yourself off with your paddle. You can also use your paddle to help balance yourself when getting in and out.
If you are getting in from a dock it can take a little more practice. Sit on the edge of the dock and dangle your legs over onto the edge of the cockpit to balance it.
Then line up your position of entry and swing one foot right into the cockpit center followed rapidly by the other foot, crouch down first then go into a sitting position (keep one hand holding onto the dock).
Next grab your paddle off the dock then put the tie line into the cockpit so that it does not end up trailing in the water. Getting out is almost exactly the same . . . except you do everything the other way around!

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