Best kayak ever

Hello Saturn Boats,

I had purchased an SK487XL last year in 2014. Our camping crew decided we’d go for one last trip in November before the Canadian winter set in.
We went to Lac Poisson Blanc in Quebec.
This was the first time I had a chance to really test the Kaboat. We loved it ! First of all, it easily fit on the back seats of my Honda Civic with plenty of room to spare for the motor and camping equipment in my trunk. Secondly, the cargo capacity of the Kaboat is amazing.
At one point I had six people and gear on the Kaboat.
However, when I was alone on the boat the thing would fly ! I have it paired up with a 9.9 2-stroke Merc.
We all agreed that we will never go camping without it .

These are some pictures of the trip

Thanks again !


I want an inflatable boat

I have a question – I want an inflatable boat. Double. Which is better – rubber or PVC?
Who has the experience of owning a boat – Prompt model.

The big water (big river for example) – only PVC – only multi-layer PVC – the choice is huge!
Nothing about rubber do not want to hear!
Himself a couple of times “gathering” of people from the water after the rubber flange  burst  (or just from time  or from the sun ) – half tackles drowned – one – another, by an inflatable bottom – saved all (we were just metres from him in 30) ,
Everything can break through the rubber. It could be “sculpin”, hook, gaff, even the anchor can “help”…
PVC is much more reliable – the pressure keeps great, then the sun will not break.. . No sense to compare  (all this applies only to normal PVC,not to one-layer PVC !!!).

For $1100 – $1300 CA you can buy a really good boat. Of course you can buy a used one.
But the motor I would have taken a new.
When selecting a boat – you sould  to know that  it seems big only in the store – on the water it is always less than and you always want more space, and evaluate the weight of the boat with their abilities. For me the maximum set, which can load and assemble (well, to be launched) normal man alone without hemorrhoid in full and in a figurative sense – the boat of 3.5-3.6 meters and motor 9,8 hp if more one-on-water – you probably ok 3.2 meters and the motor 4 or 6 hp.
Storage PVC boat unpretentious – even if it never wash will last a long time – and with proper care from friends already on me years not less walk… When buying a boat would be nice to make  “sleeves” from inside in order to put the spinning rods and rods, freeing hands at fishing and relocation… .
I was glad to share.


Inflatable boat for fishing

Often for fishing we need tools such as a boat. The boat allows you to reach inaccessible places of fishing, to find a place to fish in the pond, catching on large lakes of water away from the shore, to catch trolling or track.
Depending on the purpose you should choose the craft. How to choose an inflatable boat. We will not talk about the boats and the boats from solid materials.But we gona talk about inflatable boats for fising.
Inflatable boats can be divided into the boat under motor and rowing boats, single and multi-piece, PVC or rubber. Keep in mind that to control motor boats you need to have  Canadian Boating License.

Lets go back to the choice of the boat.
For fishing in small ponds motor you certainly do not need. But it is important  to determine the material from which made inflatable boat for fishing and its capacity.
PVC Boat  is much safer and more comfortable than rubber boats. But the “rubber band” is much easier and a single rubber boat quite fit in a backpack and will not require a car for transportation. If the vehicle has no problems, then of course the choice for PVC.
If you will use the boat just for fishing and always fishing alone, then a boat of 1-2 person capacity is for you. But if you are planning a family vacation, then it is of course desirable to have an inflatable boat  with passenger capacity 3-4 person.


If you are new to Inflatables

What to do if boat gets accidentally punctured while on the water?

First of all – do not panic. Inflatable boats have several air chambers, and if one of chambers gets punctured, the boat will stay afloat due to the buoyancy of the remaining air chambers.
We suggest that you always carry on board the following items – Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for each passenger along with a whistle, a marine emergency radio to call the Coast Guard for help if necessary, a hand pump, piece of duct tape (Gorilla Tape) and a small bottle of acetone.
If boat gets punctured below the water line, there is nothing much you can do except for pumping air with a hand pump in order to slow down the air leak.
For quick emergency repairs in ripped inflatables, you can purchase a ClamSeal product.
Punctures in accessible places, inside the boat, can be temporarily fixed with a piece of duct or Gorilla tape. To insure a good seal, the area around the puncture should be cleaned with acetone before applying duct tape. After that, you can pump in air to slow down the escaping air, and get ashore as soon as possible


If you are new to Inflatables

If you are  new to Inflatables, we will help youe to choose a boat that is right for you.
Max persons capacity displays how many persons the boat can transport safely. In general, to be comfortable on an inflatable boat, you will need to deduct 1-2 persons from the max boat capacity. For example, SD260’s will comfortably seat 1-2 people, SD290/330’s 2-3 people, SD365/385 3-4 people; SD430’s will accommodate 4-5 people comfortable.
Our rafts are designed for more passengers and can generally comfortably accommodate the max passenger capacity listed.
It is much easier to inflate and deflate boats with high-pressure air deck floors than boats with plywood floors or hard floors. It takes more time and skill to assemble plywood floor. In general, if you are planning to inflate/deflate the boat often, then select a boat with an air floor. If you keep the boat fully inflated for at least 1-3 weeks then choose a boat a with plywood or hard floor. If you keep boat on a trailer or in a dock, then a hard floor will not be a problem for you. If you keep the boat in the car’s trunk and inflate it for only a day of fishing, then you will find it easier to deal with an air deck floor.inflatable-boat-SS260-06

Inflatable Paddle board for beginers

How to Paddle  Сtraight
The first thing you must learn about paddling is how to grip the paddle. Start with your weak hand on the top of the paddle. Then put your strong hand on the paddle shaft, with your palm facing in. Remember, the paddle itself goes into the water on the side of your strong hand. In order to get the most out of your energy, paddle with long strokes, then return the paddle to position in the front of your inflatable SUP by turning it flat so it has less resistance when cutting through the air. And make sure the paddle is angled away from you when you put it back into the water, which will result in longer and more powerful strokes. You will also want to alternate which side of the board you paddle on, otherwise it will be impossible to travel in a straight line.

How to Turn Your Stand Up Inflatable Paddle board

Now that you know how to paddle straight, it’s time to learn how to turn. In the beginning, you can make basic, wide turns by just paddling on one side of your inflatable SUP like was mentioned above. However, once you are more used to boarding, you can make much sharper turns with a somewhat more advanced move. You will first step to the back of the board and push down, lifting the nose of the board into the air. Then, you will take a couple short paddle strokes on one side of the board, and you will find yourself making a sharp turn.

There you have it. You now know how to stand up, paddle, and make turns on an inflatable paddle board. Once you get the hang of all this, you can start to work on more advanced paddle boarding, including using your board to catch waves. Also, you might  take a look at the inflatable SUP sale going on at which has paddle boards on sale.

Saturn Inflatable Boats – 98% for Customer Satisfaction in 2014!


Last year there were more than 3,500 SATURN boats, kaboats, kayaks and rafts making their  voyages on rivers, lakes, seas …!
Our customer satisfaction rate is 98% and we continue to be one of the fastest growing inflatable boat suppliers in the Canada.
All of these metrics are important to our company ( and we will continually improve our processes to make sure we sell The Great Value for an inflatable boat on the market.

With such great success and customer satisfaction we only found a few features to improve on from our  2013 product line. We’ve added a few new products and look to add more throughout the 2015 season. We will continue to review our product line and look for more opportunities to satisfy our customers needs. Whether you’re looking for a whitewater raft, whitewater kayak, whitewater cataraft, inflatable boat, inflatable SUP board or SATURN kaboat you will not find a better value on the market today!

Review on Saturn Inflatable Boat MC365

I have a Saturn MC365 last year. And I can say it’s very good inflatable!
You can compare to the other brands (Newport, zodiac, sea eagle) and find out that none of those offered the value that Saturn did
The MC365 has an enormous amount of floor space and the pontoons running along the side give the boat stability! I want to thank you guys for an excellent product. I’m a Saturn fan now!

Cat’s air decks have too much pressure issues, needs to be max psi inflated, along re inflation once at use to perform as epected. SD 365 is a good first starter alternative, if required, will handle a larger engine than those Saturn cats- Available with inflatable air deck or wooden deck, you choose.

Happy Boating!


My opinion about inflatable boat Sturn KaBoat SK470

KaBoat – this is newest invention. It took the best of both types of boats – canoes and inflatable dinghy to get a universal crossover boat, which easily pass narrow areas, reeds and is not afraid of blows rocky bottom. The shape of KaBoat, reminds Asian dragon boat, its narrow profile helps it glide over the surface of the water, thereby achieving a higher speed than the traditional type of boat, even at lower power outboard.

My oppinion about KaBoat SK470 – this is just a great boat!
And you can use it like inflatable kayak or it can be turned into a fast cruising boats just by attaching a small gas or electric motor. Despite the large size and weight of the boat allows you to move a boat alone on the land. This model is suitable for alloys, and travel through the narrow rivers where the use of the outboard motor is not a priority. Have fun!

About FK396 Saturn Fishing kayak

I wanted to write a quick review and describe my experience with the FK396 fishing inflatable kayak that I purchased from
I am an experienced fisherman and have been using an inflatable kayak for five years. I like to fish in everything from small rivers and ponds to large lakes. And that why I was looking for a heavy duty inflatable kayak that I could easily mount fishing accessories to and even possibly a trolling motor. My search took me to the saturninflaableboats website where I found just what I was looking for. I must admit I was quite skeptical when I saw the low price on what seemed to be a very high quality boat. I had seen similar boats advertised for at least twice the price but the specifications and the reviews I read convinced me to give the FK396 a try.
I added motor mount for 30lbs trolling motor, deluxe folding chairs, kayak trolley cart, etc.. And now this is just a wonderful inexpensive fishing machine!